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Alliance News

Troop Report : Heroes Con  2014


Location : Charlotte, North Carolina



Dates : June 20th - 22nd, 2014



Systems Represented: Ziost



Lords Lazious & Zorog represented The Dark Alliance in full force at Heroes Con in Charlotte North Carolina.  The Force has served them well.  Many photos were taken and they recruited many new members.  Over hundred business cards were handed out. Darth Lazious hopes to obtain a Fan table next year at Heroes Con for The Ziost System of The Dark Alliance.

Troop Report : OMG!Con 2014


Location : Owensboro, Kentucky



Dates : June 13th - 15th, 2014



Systems Represented: Ziost



The Dark Alliance booth at OMG Con 2014 was a popular location on the show floor. We were Right near the Exhibition Hall entrance and got a lot of Exposure.  Darth Malgus & Darth Karnivous represtented the Quesh System and the entire Alliance.  Flyers and Cards were given out to all con goers passing by, and Lord Malgus even won Second in the Costume Contest!  It was a great time and The Dark Alliance has already been invited back to the event next year.

Troop Report : Sci-Fi Expo

Location : Dallas, Texas



Dates : February 8th & 9th, 2014



Systems Represented: Thurra


          The Dark Alliance showed in force at the Sci-Fi Expo in Dallas, Texas.  Led by The Dark Lord of the Thurra System, Darth Gothious, our members met with fan and celebrity alike.  Also in Attendance was member Wicked Lil Dragon, in her Shadow Guard armor.  While trooping the event, The Thurra system was able to coordinate efforts with the 501st Legion and their Blast-A-Trooper event to help raise $500 for a local child suffering from cancer.  Congratulations to the Thurra system for this accomplishment.  The Alliance salutes you!

In Memorium : Christopher Skiles     -     ASL-050

          The Dark Alliance has been saddened and grieved at the news that one of our own, Christopher Skiles, Darth Nihilus ASL-050, has passed into the Force.  Our brother was from Texas and resided in our Thurra System.
          Although many of us had never met Chris in person, the very nature of our extended family relationship within our community connects us deeply. In a very real sense we know one another on a deep emotional level. 
          To the family and close friends of Christopher, please know that we are thinking of you and hoping for the peace and comfort which will help you through this time of sorrow. Also, please know that we are all sharing within your loss, sharing within one anothers loss, and that you nor none of us are alone.
          Christopher, May You Go In Peace, And Your Memory Will Be Honored Within Our Hall Of The Fallen.

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